From flavorful Ceviche, arroz con pollo, pernil asado, tamales and empanadas, to roasted corn and strawberry desserts – there are dozens of menu items to choose from in the food area!

Refreshing Bud is on tap along with frosty frozen margaritas! Or enjoy ice cold Inka Cola drinks, fresh-squeezed lemonade and smoothies will cool your palate. 


Peruvian cebiche is preparared with fresh fish, limes, onions, spicy peppers, and fresh cilantro. Cebiche, also known as ceviche or seviche, usually consists of seafood that is marinated with lime juice, the acidity of the lime juice actually “cooks” the seafood.


Bacalaítos are an immensely popular staple in Puerto Rico. All over the island you’ll find these cod fritters sold from small roadside kiosks, and any street fair there will usually feature several stands of crispy Bacalaítos.


They are made with flour and eggs with a terrific combination containing a local squash called macre and sweet potatoes instead. These two ingredients are boiled until tender, then mashed to make a silky puree, and finally mixed with flour, yeast and sugar, making a soft goo that sticks to your hands like bread dough. Covered with a kitchen cloth, the preparation doubles or triples in volume in a quiet spot of the your paragraph here.

Chancho a la Caja China
A tasty and soft piece of pork, roasted slowly for more than seven hours, with a crispy and crunchy crust, that's what you can get at the post of La Caja China, one of the most popular of the chim pum callao usa , with one of the longest queues of the event.

EMPANADAS COLOMBIANAS  Colombian empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried, with meat or fish but also sometimes potato, egg or cheese depending on regional customs.